What are the entry  hours?

We understand that students  enter a new stage in their lives, in which they have to learn to measure their rate   and time,both academic and post- academic as well as their leisure time, which we consider equally important. In any case, the centre  daily supervises the schedules  of each resident, 24 hours a day, with the possibility that the parents or guardians limit the time for the resident,  always provided by the express order, taking into account that the Residencies have reception service from Sunday to  Wednesday until 1:30  and from Thursday to Saturday until 4:30


Do the rooms have a bathroom? 

After analysing the priorities of the Residence, whose main goal  is to watch over the rest and study, we decided that the areas set aside for hygiene and laundry  were not located inside the rooms  to avoid noises from cisterns, showers, washing machines or dryers.


Apart from the full board, can you eat anything between meals?  

We have coffee, juice and soft drink machines as well as snacks in the Residence lobby.


What happens if  you can't come  to lunch?

Nobody is ever left without food,  warning  one turn in advance , for example at  dinner for next day's lunch, or at lunch for that night's  dinner , they will prepare any of the existing menus, or a sandwich with their corresponding dessert to take away.


What do the rooms have?

They have everything necessary to study with adapted and comfortable tables and chairs.Full equipped beds, proper lighting with balanced-arm lamps  and central lamps, as well as wardrobes  and hangers.


What kind of meals are served in the Residence?

We have our own cooking, not outsourced catering, what allows us to offer a great variety of menus in the course of  the month, created based on a balanced diet, healthy and seasonal.


Can you take anybody to sleep or study?

The facilities of  Residencia Universitaria Moebius are for residents only. Nevertheless, in     study case, each resident is allowed to take one companion to study in the room or the Library, respecting the established schedules.


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